Sophie Graney
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Sophie Graney

Textile Designer

London, United Kingdom

Sophie Graney

Sophie combines handwoven techniques with her passion for material exploration and hand developed yarns; valuing craftsmanship and allowing different materials to inform and construct her practice.

Having previously worked designing for fashion using techniques that can be mass produced, Sophie now designs and weaves interior fabrics using techniques and materials that can only be created with your hands, slowing the process down and celebrating the craftsmanship involved.

Sophie has always enjoyed making and practising lots of different textile techniques including embroidery, knitting and lacemaking, some of these techniques still inform her work today. For example ideas of cut out sections and negative space are inspired by lacemaking, and using contrasting materials and colours to trap different sections down is inspired by the embroidery technique couching.

Sophie makes Interior products including wall hangings, table runners, cushions, rugs, placemats and coasters


  • Handweaving Techniques for Contemporary Rug Design

    Decorate your home with unique hand-woven pieces by learning contemporary weaving techniques that explore positive and negative space

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