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Simon Smith

Barcelona, Spain

Simon Smith

I make music for film and TV and I really love what I do. To date I've worked on over a dozen features and documentaries, most notably in collaboration with director Maria Ripoll, including romantic comedy Ahora O Nunca that broke records in Spain and Traces of Sandalwood that won best film at the Gaudis 2015. I also scored, mixed and did all the sound design for the feature-length sports documentary Take The Ball Pass The Ball, about Pep Guardiola's revolutionary years at FC Barcelona.

My musical training was classical and I spent some years in bands and studio production, but I gravitated towards writing music for audiovisuals and have worked my way up to TV and feature films. I love to explore, from textural electronic music to lonely piano music to pure pop. I have created soundscapes for scores by slicing up atonal cello improvisations, twisting and bending digitally manipulated voices or by stuffing microphones deep inside battered old pianos. I just look for what I think works. I love the paradox of the freedom I get to explore all corners of the musical universe, but somehow within tight boundaries of carefully crafted storytelling.

After all the hard work is over, the best thing is reading the reactions to films and documentaries I've worked on, that touch people in some way. It doesn't matter whether it was philosophical animations, serious documentaries or pure entertainment, I get to take part in all these amazing projects and I never know what's next.


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