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Atsushi Futatsuya


My name is Atsushi Futatsuya, or on SNS, I use the name "Sashiko Story".

I have been practicing Japanese Stitchery called "Sashiko". I was born in a surviving Sashiko family in Japan. Ever since, like it or not, Sashiko has been a great part of my life. Today, "Sashiko" is known as a Japanese mending/stitching technique. It is true that Sashiko is a form of hand-stitching, and mending is part of it. However, Sashiko is more than just technique for me & many other Japanese Sashiko Artisans.

My goal is to keep sharing our Sashiko Stories to pass arcoss/up/down the Sashiko we have been practicing. As there are no "Right or Wrong" in our ordinary days, there are no rules in Sashiko. However, we have so many stories to define what Sashiko really is from cultural perspective.

I enjoy applying not only the technique of Sashiko but also the Japanese mindset of Sashiko to our today's ordinary. I hope my works will inspire you, not only by the beautiful result but also how we approach & appreciate the stitching practice we have developed in a long history.

Welcome to Japanese Sashiko!


  • Introduction to Japanese Sashiko Stitching

    Discover the traditional Japanese embroidery technique to stitch, patch, and mend existing garments, and embrace sustainable practices.

    A course by Atsushi Futatsuya, Sashiko Garment Maker

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