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Vienna, Austria


My name is Sabria Lagoun, I am a French-Algerian binational currently living in Vienna, Austria. I am really passionate about science communication, innovation and healthcare. I studied a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Neuroscience, and even enrolled in a Ph.D. Beyond the scientific curiosity, I fell in love with neuroscience because I felt like I could get to understand my own behavior, thoughts, and decisions intimately. Neuroscience also often crosses with the world of art and creativity, whether is about finding ideas, soaking in colors, shapes, or emotions around us, and seeking beauty.

During my thesis I quickly missed the contact with an audience, so I performed talks and art projects just for fun. This led me to put everything on hold and to found a science communication and innovation company. We hosted talks by leading experts, and also invited our members to hackathons where they could fly drones or make sculptures dance using their brain waves.
Unfortunately that company had to close, I moved on to more corporate roles, but I am still very much enjoying sharing my love and passion for science to non-scientists, and excited to push further in a digital format together with Domestika.



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Joined June 2022