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Rich Radka

Hi there. My name is Rich Radka and I am a foresight strategist. I have spent the past 20+ years providing deep human insights to corporate, scale-up and public sector clients to feed innovation, customer experience development and critical business decisions that help companies see future possibilities more clearly and set roadmaps to thrive moving forward. I believe in collaborative approaches that bring together multiple perspectives and disciplines, especially pragmatic and imaginative combinations of design thinking, human-centred processes and evidence-based methods to co-create solutions that involve customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.

Over the past five years, my client requests have organically shifted from the need to create new customer experiences and the next product portfolio to longer-term navigation of ever-increasing volatility and rapid disruptions in the business landscape, society and technology. Much of this current work centers on anticipating credible futures, helping businesses define a deeper purpose as their north star, and designing the daring path that connects today to a better tomorrow for the company, its employees, customers and society.


  • Strategic Foresight for Brands: Plan for Future Success

    Learn how to anticipate market, tech, and social trends and use them to build a strategy for the long-term success of a brand’s products and services

    A course by Rich Radka, Foresight Strategist

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