Raluca Elena Rogoz
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Raluca Elena Rogoz

Brand Architect | Creative Advisor | Bespoke Events Curator

Lisbon, Portugal

Raluca Elena Rogoz

I'm passionate about weaving powerful narratives and designing experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Over thirteen years, I've journeyed from establishing a boutique ad agency to directing landmark marketing campaigns for Jaguar Land Rover across six thriving markets.

What truly sets me apart is my blend of strategic insight, innovative creativity, and a deep-seated love for storytelling. I've been fortunate to help numerous brands discover their voice and mentor individuals on their creative journey, ensuring they find both personal and professional fulfillment.

Every course I teach, workshop I run, and mentoring session I lead is rooted in a singular goal: creating experiences that resonate deeply and inspire lasting connections.

Join me as we explore the realm of authentic, purpose-driven narratives and experiences. I'm committed to helping you harness the transformative power of storytelling and guiding you towards realizing your unique creative vision.


  • Building Relatable Brands with Archetypes

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