Pete Raho
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Pete Raho

Nueva York, United States

Pete Raho

Pete Raho has enjoyed bringing order to chaos throughout his professional career - and he's made a point to choose roles and projects that have allowed him to share this passion with others. In order to solve the problem, you first need to understand it.

He's always blended both the analytical with the creative - as an undergraduate at Fordham University in New York, he majored in both Art History and Biology, and later earned his MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business, specializing in Strategy. His interests are broad, but the common thread is finding creative solutions to complex problems.

He's worked in the art world at Christie's, the auction house, for nearly 8 years liaising between the business side and the art side; he's run his own woodworking business, Gowanus Furniture, creating "smart design for compact spaces"; and while at west elm, the furniture retailer, he looked at a lot of retail data and made it understandable. Currently he's working in the world of audio buying and selling the some of the most valuable audio gear ever made at StereoBuyers (which really is quite fun) - all the while trying to make the best data-based decisions.


Joined March 2022