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Pearce Butcher

Landscape Designer at Pearce B Designs

Greenville, United States

Pearce Butcher

Pearce B Designs
"Creating beautiful spaces for functional outdoor spaces."

I've always known I was an artist who loved nature & science... so in college I found myself double majoring in Earth and Environmental Science and Art. When I stumbled upon the idea that I could Design the Outdoors, I knew I'd found my niche.

Landscape Design is a unique combination of art, science, and problem solving. I love the challenge of looking at a space, listening to the concerns and dreams of the homeowner, and coming up with beautiful solutions.

You can find me off on an adventure on the weekends, usually hiking in the mountains with my husband and 3 kids. I'm also super sarcastic and have a fascination with true crime podcasts. I love to wake up early to enjoy the quiet with my coffee, and I'm a professional power napper. I'm a chronic over-sharer and wanna-be comedian. I can't wait to meet you!


  • Introduction to Landscape Design

    Draw a striking and comprehensive master plan for your outdoor space by exploring a variety of sketching techniques.

    A course by Pearce Butcher, Landscape Designer


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