Olga Prinku

I'm Olga Prinku - designer, maker and creator of flowers on tulle embroidery. My background is in graphic design, but I've always loved making. Through sharing my creations on social media my path led into dry flowers and botanical art. I invented the technique of flowers on tulle embroidery, using real organic material as my thread.

I've been excited to see how popular this novel idea has become on Instagram. I've been invited to collaborate with brands including Swarovski and Anthropologie, and my work has been exhibited in galleries and at festivals. I love continuing to experiment and push the boundaries of this technique, and I'm delighted to be able to teach it so that others can enjoy it too.


  • Tulle Embroidery with Natural Flowers and Plants

    Let your creativity blossom by embroidering complex botanical compositions using dry flowers, foliage and natural materials

    A course by Olga Prinku, Embroidery Artist

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