Yulia Sherbak

Yulia Sherbak

Hand embroidery artist

Cleveland, United States

Yulia Sherbak

Hi! I’m Yulia and I’m a self-taught hand embroidery artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. You can find me on Instagram @mossandfeather. I’ve been embroidering for three years now. I’ve always liked art, like painting and drawing, but it wasn’t until I discovered embroidery that creating art became one of the most important aspects of my life.

I specialize in thread painting, which is a technique used to create realistic embroidery. It’s a lot like painting on a canvas but using thread instead of paint. Using this technique, you can achieve fine artistic detail, including shading, highlights and smooth color gradients.

I’ve always been inspired by nature and animals and I love how well thread mimics the look of fur and feathers. It’s really the perfect medium for the type of art I like to create.



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