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Michael Gardenia

Photographer & Creative Director

Milán, Italy

Michael Gardenia

My name is Michael Gardenia. I am a food photographer based in Milan and the founder of Fusillo Lab, a natural light photo studio with a kitchen space. I have been passionate about photography and cooking since I was a teenager but I realized this could become my job later, once I knew I could unite my passion with my studies in communication. I love to cook and to be hospitable and many of my projects were born around the table, including Fusillo Lab. I started photographing my recipes at home near the window, but then I felt the need to create an authentic place where in addition to beautiful natural light, there was also a table to welcome friends and collaborators - a place where every detail was not left to chance but on the contrary, had a story to tell.


  • Food Photography for Beginners: Embracing Natural Light

    Learn how to use natural light in photography to create a social media friendly culinary still life, from photo shoot to post-production

    A course by Michael Gardenia, Photographer

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