Mark Boutros
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Mark Boutros

Award-winning screenwriter

London, United Kingdom

Mark Boutros

I'm an award-winning screenwriter, independent author and creative writing mentor. I have written for major UK broadcasters and am a visiting lecturer at the London Film School, London Metropolitan University and the Central School of Speech and Drama.

I started my career on production, working my way up from runner to edit producer, learning a lot and meeting some great people on the way. I then left to do a Creative Writing Masters which changed my outlook and path. Now I write regularly for television, and an episode I co-wrote with Neil Webster for Urban Myths was part of the season nominated for an International Emmy.

I love writing and everything around it, which is why I enjoy teaching it. In my spare time I play football (soccer) for as long as my ageing body will allow me, play DnD, and watch crime dramas with my wife.



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