Martí Sans

Martí Sans


Barcelona, Spain

Martí Sans

Fotógrafo especializado en fotografía de producto. Realiza instantáneas para publicidad, así como talleres presenciales y online relacionados con la fotografía de bodegón y gastronómica.


  • Product Photography

    Learn to photograph your Corporate Identity and products in a professional manner

    A course by Martí Sans, Photographer

    78% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Photography of Shiny Objects and Lighting Tips

    Learn to photograph products with reflections and to light them correctly against different backgrounds

    A course by Martí Sans, Photographer

    71% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Product Photography for Beginners

    Learn basics concepts to take still life pictures from scratch

    A course by Martí Sans, Photographer

    73% Disc. $44.90USD


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