Marion Bretagne

Marion Bretagne

Creative Designer / Illustrator / Artist

Madrid, Spain

Marion Bretagne

I am Marion, a freelance creative designer, illustrator and visual artist, currently based in Madrid, Spain.

I’m the founder of Sonriso Studio, a small risography printing studio and independent art press in Madrid.
I am also the designer at Vantguard, a group that owns 10 spirit and beverage brands. As a freelance, my work has been focusing more and more on packaging design especially in the gastronomy and beverage industry, which I love.

My body of work fuses mediums and disciplines from packaging, branding, editorial design and illustration tends to irradiate energy, vividness and positivity. I often bring some crafty, hand-drawn or hand-painted elements to a design, whether its a book or a packaging, embracing intuition, improvisations and imperfections as part of the creative process and blurring the line between design and art.


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