Marija Dzemionaite
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Marija Dzemionaite

Vilnius, Lithuania

Marija Dzemionaite

I am a creative marketer, impact-driven geek, and a social media champion.

Having worked for the past 7 years in Europe and SouthEast Asia for start-ups, global B2B & B2C companies and governmental organizations alike, I have become a digital marketer in industries ranging from fashion to IT. Most of my experience consists of working with global markets: US/UK & SEA.

Because of my curiosity and need to always challenge myself, at the age of 22, I found myself in Malaysia, where I started my social media marketing career at the biggest personal growth company in the world - Mindvalley.

A couple of years later I was working on my e-commerce brand SPARK, which I created from scratch driven by the mission to empower women.

Afterwards, I worked at Google's European headquarters as an Associate Account Strategist. At the age of 26, I was leading a 7 people team in a social media agency working with brands like Spotify, Tom Ford Beauty, MAC, and jr. NBA etc.

In my career, I’ve worn many hats in sales and marketing fields where I’ve led and built teams. My digital marketing knowledge foundation is built on social media marketing, and I have experience with online brand reputation management, influencer marketing, account management, sales, Facebook and Google advertising, blogging as well as email marketing.

My international work experience has allowed me to accumulate a multifaceted and culturally rich work ethic and learn the best processes and methodologies which I implement in my work today.


  • YouTube Channel Growth Strategy

    Generate more organic views and subscribers by learning effective optimization techniques to take your channel to the next level

    A course by Marija Dzemionaite, Creative Marketer and Social Media Consultant



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