Alex Berry
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Alex Berry

Senior DaVinci Resolve Colourist

London, United Kingdom

Alex Berry

I wasn't very academic as a youth, but starting as a runner for a post production house as a teenager allowed me to have a much more hands on approach to learning. So in the early 2000's armed with a punk rock DIY ethic, and new technology making it possible to make videos without needing a lot of money and support, I taught myself about editing, VFX, cinematography, and finally colour grading which I fell in love with immediately.

Grading promos in a fast paced environment for one of the main British TV stations developed my client facing and business skills, and the understanding that you need to be efficient as well as creative.

I left to set up business' with friends around 2010, and now we have a thriving East London studio working on everything from fashion and music to narrative and TVC's, which keeps life interesting and the creative urge satisfied.

I'm here to learn from others and teach you how to use DaVinci Resolve to colour and finish your videos like the professionals, and adding any tips I've picked up over the last 20 years in the industry.


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