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Lilly Maetzig

London, United Kingdom

Lilly Maetzig

Lilly Maetzig is the maker behind Mae Ceramics, a small but prolific business, which started in New Zealand and moved to London in 2016. Lilly is the sole maker of Mae Ceramics, specialising in handmaking functional objects for everyday use.

She is based in London, living and working in South East London, making from a studio on the beautiful Deptford Foreshore.

Lilly first experimented with ceramics in 2011 whilst at art school, where she learned how to slip cast and make sculptural work. After graduating, she worked from a shared studio, which is where she fell in love with the art of functional ceramics.

Her work is mostly minimal, with sharp lines and a limited colour palette, bringing a stillness to the work. However, sometimes she strays from what is clean and tidy, with the occasional playful glaze or decoration. Lilly mostly makes wheel thrown work, however part of her love of ceramics is the slower pace of handbuilding. Handbuilding has a meditative peace to it, and whilst only a small portion of the Mae Ceramics portfolio is handbuilt, the time spent doing it and the different qualities of the finished products make them some of the most cherished.
Lilly's work explores the contrast between the texture of raw and glazed clay, and often lets the natural qualities of the materials show through on the surface of a finished piece.


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