Lu Yu

Hi, my name is Lu Yu, I am a designer working in visual communication, with a focus on interaction design and art direction.

I was raised in China, where I grew up learning about traditional painting and calligraphy from my mother. As a fine art teacher, she taught me the importance of beauty, which has informed my approach to design and stayed with me even as I pursued more functional design forms. Today, I work at the intersection of brand and product, bringing a heavy sense of graphic design to my digital work.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a great variety of career experiences: I have spent time living and working in Melbourne, Istanbul, and Berlin. I’ve worked for agencies, product companies, and my own freelance business, both in the office and remote.

But more than that, my experience has given me a unique toolset that I can use to help other aspiring creatives. I spent quite a few years working at Semplice, a portfolio-building tool for designers. There, I helped countless people create portfolio websites that told the stories of their work and careers. This gave me a breadth of experience on the best ways to showcase design work.


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