Liz Seabrook

I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer and for the last ten years I've been living in London and working all over the world.

I picked up a camera having spent my childhood surrounded by photos taken by my Mum, my grandpa and my grandma. I wasn't a good photographer as a child; always with my finger or hair in front of the lens, never pressing the button quite at the right time. But at some point, something clicked (yes, I did that on purpose). By 15, I'd decided that I wanted to be a photographer.

My parents had other plans for me, so I took a French degree, but afterwards, free to do what I wanted I came back to photography, made enough money to move to London and started working in studios and assisting photographers, always shoot my own work. Eventually, I got enough work to make it on my own and that's where you find me now.

I've shot for Apple, Adidas, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Riposte and Patagonia, amongst others and travelled to a lot of different fun places. In 2021, I shot and co-authored my first book with food writer Clare Finney; it's called The Female Chef.




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