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Alicia Goodwin

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Alicia Goodwin

Hi yall! My name is Alicia and I'm a full time Chicago based jeweler who specializes in adding unique textures to my sculptural jewelry. With a background in Cultural Anthropology as well as a degree in Jewelry Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, I apply my knowledge of ancient techniques like reticulation and acid etching to my more contemporary designs.
My love of complex looking ceremonial jewelry created with minimal tools such as fire, sand and beeswax have led me to truly admire the work throughout the Mesoamericas and the African diaspora. I've honed my unique style while working for dozens of major jewelry companies in the fashion industry in New York City, learning the business ins and outs during the day, while creating at night.
I truly love the creation of jewelry and just love to share what I know and what I'm still trying to figure out. I love that you can really hone in one one concept, like wax carving, beading or metal work and just keep making things in that aspect. If you want to explore more, you can and if you don't , it's fine too.
With almost two decades of experience under my belt, and a decade of being an independent jeweler in my own right with my eponymous brand, Lingua Nigra, I continue to fabricate new ways to explore bygone approaches to creating wearable art.


  • Introduction to Wax Modeling for Metal Jewelry

    Learn how to use jeweler's wax to carve molds for original accessories that are ready to cast in metal

    A course by Alicia Goodwin, Contemporary Jeweler

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