Laura Perryman
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Laura Perryman

London, United Kingdom

Laura Perryman


I am a female designer and trend forecaster. I have a love of colour and materials as well as design and architecture. I live in London, UK and I have a Master's degree in Textile Design from The Royal College of Art, London. Over my career I have grown my love for colour, knowledge of key materials in manufacture, and critical understanding of the trend prediction process.

I worked for diverse industry sectors, from lifestyle, footwear, transport design through to tech and I've created unique Colour, Materials and Finish design for future-forward innovation firms in-house at Arrival, Nokia, and Speedo, and have consulted with brands such as 3M Post-it, Sainsbury’s, DuPont Corian, Nolii, Vivo to create category leading colour identities for new products.

I'm currently on the board of trustees for The Colour in Design Awards, a non-profit organisation that supports graduates and designers to explore colour further in their practice, and I direct Colour of Saying, a UK-based CMF Design Studio, focused on future-forward circular and emotionally-connected colour and material design, insights, and experiences for brands and organisations.



Joined June 2021