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Laura Busche


Laura Busche

Full-stack brand strategist blending psychology, business, and design like it’s a caramel frappuccino. Forever on a mission to craft brands people remember with a smile.

After graduating with a summa cum laude degree in business from American University, I was fascinated by the possibilities that brand building can unlock. Deeply intrigued by the power of symbols and stories to strengthen these brands, I pursued a Master of Arts in Design Management from SCAD.

All along, I’ve had the honor to craft content for brands like Canva, Creative Market, Smashing Magazine, Webflow, and many more. From niche local businesses to an entire Caribbean city, I’ve also designed what dozens of brands look and feel like. No strategy is too foreign: if it shapes the brand’s story, I’ve tried it and I’m here to walk you through it.

All in all, I believe brand building is a battle to recover the soul of business. And I’m fully enlisted.

You can always find me crawling down some vintage rabbit hole. If you too are triggered by faux bolds, our friendship is meant to be. Come say hi @laurabusche.


  • Content Strategy: Build Your Brand from Scratch

    Develop the soul of your brand by defining its content pillars, personality, and storytelling to create a memorable customer's journey and stand out from the competition

    A course by Laura Busche, Brand Strategist


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