I am a French artist living in Barcelona. I define my self as a mobile illustrator and I register my life in drawings: I filled about 200 sketchbooks during the past 18 years.
I use to sketch on vintage accounting books that I find in flea markets. This yellow paper with red and blue lines remind me the first paintings and observations that bring back the scientist expedition of the XVIIIth century like Cook or Laperouse from unknown civilisations and lands. I secretly want to become one of those explorers.
The economy of medium is also what I appreciate. I'm traveling light and don't need much more than a sketchbook, inkpens, watercolor and my folding stool. The street is my studio.
Nowadays that most of the people are focused on digital, being unplugged with a simple sketchbook made of second hand paper and inviting the spectator to look through it flipping the pages is magic.

Sketching from direct observation and reporting become my main activity. I already published 30 books about Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Cuba, Ouessant island (…) and thematic like "art nouveau", "vintage cars" or "planes" after my nomination as an official air and space painter for the french army.

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