Kyoko Takeyama
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Kyoko Takeyama

Public Speaking Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Barcelona, Spain

Kyoko Takeyama

In Japanese, my name Kyoko Takeyama literally means "Respectful Child” of “Samurai Mountain," which describes the essence of who I am spiritually.

Made in New York by Japanese parents and currently living in Barcelona, I have spent my life deciphering messages in English, Japanese and Spanish to find that communication is more than speaking out loud.

Most professionals struggle with speaking publicly about their expertise. I show you how to intellectually and emotionally connect with your audience so that you and your career grow.

When I'm not working, I'm usually eating cheese and tomatoes. Oh, and I take singing lessons for fun too. If you are great at what you do, the world needs to know about it.

So let's connect here and talk, especially about you!



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  • Public Speaking Coach, Trainer, Speaker
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