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Kendall Bessent


New York, United States

Kendall Bessent

An Atlanta, Georgia native Kendall Bessent (b.1999), is a photographer and creative director based in New York, NY and Atlanta, Ga

He uses his work to communicate his perception of the world around him; rather that be past, present, or future. His work explores the complexities of Blackness, in a way that they are shown in their purest forms. He highlights the beauty, strength, love, and happiness that are all a part of the Black experience. He intends for his work to instill self-love and confidence in people who look exactly like him. Bessent describes his work as 'unapologetically Black', and loves to capture and create blatant expressions of Blackness.

Bessent’s work has been featured by i-D, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Post, BET, and Google to name a few. His commercial work consists of collaborations with Wieden + Kennedy, Teen Vogue, Netflix, and The New York Times among others. Bessent is a 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Style select.



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