Kayla Stark

After graduating with a BFA from the University of Tennessee at Martin and working for a few years as a graphic designer; I decided to shift into the world of my first love—illustration! I work both digitally and traditionally, depending on the project, and I am most comfortable when settling into the beginning “research” phase of projects. The traditional media I use most often are: watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils (I am on a constant search for the perfect, scratchy pencil texture) I am naturally very curious and ask a lot of questions—this quality is a constant fuel for inspiration.

I live in Nashville, TN in a small house with my husband and 2 cats. Most of the time I am working upstairs in my studio, but a few days a week I join a group of friends and fellow illustrators at a co-working space.

My hobbies include playing board games, participating in (almost) any event, learning languages, and planning trips (I loves public transit). Some of my favorite topics are birds, traveling, science, animal fun facts, and history.

Clients include Highlights Magazine, Sleeping Bear Press and Chronicle.



Joined November 2020