Katie Putt
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Katie Putt

Watercolour Artist & Illustrator

London, United Kingdom

Katie Putt

I'm a watercolour artist based in London. I use a mix of watercolour and pen to create my own style of nostalgic illustrations. Watercolour painting began as a hobby for me many years ago, teaching myself different techniques and practising through many evenings. Slowly this wonderful hobby grew into a career and I am now fortunate enough to illustrate for books, magazines and products around the world. I began teaching others and have now taught several watercolour and art classes since 2018 in addition to releasing my first watercolour tutorial book in 2020 with my second book currently in the works.

I take lots of inspiration from the natural world and in particular what can be found in the local environment. Learning about what I am painting is just as interesting for me, so I often paint subjects that I am currently reading about or am keen to study further.


  • Illustrating Nature with Watercolor and Pen

    Experiment with color theory and painting techniques to depict the natural world with precision, subtlety, and beauty

    A course by Katie Putt, Watercolor Artist and Illustrator

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