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Kate Kim

Hi, I'm Kate Kim, a professional baker and cake designer based in London(Kflowercake). I am the proud recipient of the Cake International Bronze award in 2017 - the biggest cake decorating competition in the world. As well as providing private lessons, I currently supply to local cake shops with a selection of my cakes.
I moved from South Korea to London around five years ago and started offering private lessons to individuals interested in cake decoration. This originally started out as a hobby as I enjoyed sharing knowledge and meeting new people. As my classes became more popular, this eventually became my full-time job. However, with the onset of coronavirus I have had to stop offering my lessons and thought it would be a lovely idea to continue my work online and share my knowledge globally to those who have the same interests as me. Through my lessons, I hope individuals around the world will be able to develop a new hobby whilst aiding those who are already bakers looking to expand their skillset. Who knows? A small hobby could turn into an amazing job!


  • Decorative Buttercream Flowers for Cake Design

    Design and decorate a cake with flowers that taste as sweet as they look using basic piping techniques

    A course by Kate Kim, Cake Designer and Baking Instructor



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