Katarzyna Kmiecik
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Katarzyna Kmiecik

watercolor artist & illustrator

Pulawy, Poland

Katarzyna Kmiecik

I'm a professional artist and illustrator best known for my dream-like depictures of landscapes. I specialize in watercolor and pencil but I've done numerous workshops in other techniques as well.

I can't even recall the days when I wasn't drawing or painting. My love for art dates back to my very early childhood.

Since 2012 I am the owner of the Art School KRESKA in Poland, where I've been teaching watercolor and perspective drawing over the years up till now. It wasn't my first time teaching though - I've been an art instructor at an architectural drawing course in Warsaw since 2007.
The year 2020 and the global pandemic have forced me to start teaching online and by doing so I was able to reach a bigger audience and gain recognition around the world.
Through those many years of painting with watercolor, I've developed many experimental techniques that I haven't seen used by anyone else. I've also improved some of the commonly known techniques to best suit my needs as a landscape artist.

In my work, the most common motifs are trees and clouds, because I have a special love for them. I always look at nature and the light through the eyes of a child - absorbing and remembering small details and colors in great delight.

Top Rising Star Award in the International Watercolour Masters Competition 2022 (IWM2022)


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