Joanne Condon
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Joanne Condon

Tipperary, Ireland

Joanne Condon

My name is Joanne Condon. I am a furniture artist, upcycling furniture expert, Author of the book Furniture Crush and I love creating something colourful and unique, while having fun.

I love painting old furniture to give it a whole new lease of life. So much furniture ends up in landfill every year. Upcycling old pieces of furniture that are really well made with a need a little TLC can give them a whole look that's unique to your style. You can learn something new that helps the environment, while having fun and painting it with your own designs.

Practicing the best upcycling process, so that your piece of furniture will last longer, be more durable so that it's easy to live with is very important to me.

I hope you love this Domestika course, and you find the information helpful and useful.


  • Creative Furniture Upcycling for Beginners

    Breathe new life into old furniture and design unique pieces that reflect your personal style using innovative upcycling techniques

    A course by Joanne Condon, Furniture Artist and Upcycler



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