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James Lewis

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

James Lewis

Hey! My name is James Lewis and I’m a lettering artist. Over 7 years ago my handwriting was terrible so I took up calligraphy as a fun hobby, to improve it. I was very impatient at the time, and instead of spending a few months learning one style of calligraphy, I bounced around learning as many different styles as I could finally focusing on hand lettering.
Whilst studying graphic design at University I paid my way by combining my lettering skillset with my new understanding of branding to hand draw bespoke logos for companies all over the world.

After graduating and setting up my freelance business I continued to explore logos, deconstructing and recreating some of the most famous logos on the planet. I record and share this process on my Instagram and TikTok in videos that have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. This understanding of many different lettering styles formed the basis of my career which has seen me work with companies like Amazon, Samsung, Montblanc, and Rolls-Royce on a range of letter-based projects.

Having worked with letters for over 7 years now, learning the intricacies of calligraphy, lettering, and type design, I now share my knowledge with the world by teaching workshops & public speaking. From San Francisco, to Singapore, I have taught lettering all over the world, and now for the first time my workshops are available online, here at Domestika.


  • Introduction to Brush Lettering

    Learn how to use brush pens and lettering brushes to create letters, words, and phrases

    A course by James Lewis, Lettering Artist

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