James Tralie

I'm a director, 3D artist and animator based in Washington, D.C. I work as a producer and animator at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to create visualizations, documentaries, and animations in support of all the planetary science missions. I work at the intersection of science and art to create dreamy, otherworldly scenes and immersive content. I excel at explaining complex scientific discoveries and concepts in the form of short, animated content. With my 3D design work, I seek to capture the confluence of the built and natural worlds through inviting, relaxing places and spaces.
Some of my clients include Taco Bell, Facebook, Nissan, Fiji Water, Apple, Marriott, NVIDIA, Adobe, Warner Music, and Zara.


  • Rendering Photorealistic 3D Scenes in Blender

    Learn to create engaging 3D environments using creative lighting, modeling, and texturing techniques that turn your observations into eye-catching imaginary worlds

    A course by James Tralie, Producer and Animator



Joined November 2021