Jack Fleming
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Jack Fleming

London, United Kingdom

Jack Fleming

Based in London, I’m a professional graphic designer and photographer specialising in architecture and abstract compositions.

I first started photographing architecture when I moved to London in 2015. I used my camera as a way to explore the endless bounds of the city and discovered a huge variety of architectural styles hidden amongst our everyday views. Since then, I’ve developed a real passion for architectural photography and spend my time looking up to capture these geometric forms leading into the sky.

My love for geometric composition, in particular, stems from my first passion for graphic design. I have always loved graphic design and creating imagery for advertising and packaging as there are so many possibilties. My photography style is informed by geometric shapes and using facades of buildings to create abstract compositions.

My work can be found on Instagram @architecture_anatomy


  • Abstract Architectural Photography for Instagram

    Learn how to highlight the unique geometric features of architectural spaces and engage your audience on social media

    A course by Jack Fleming, Graphic Designer and Photographer



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