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Kristin Vaughn

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Cedar Rapids, United States

Kristin Vaughn

I started making polymer clay jewelry in my basement “studio” (which was actually a closet!) about 8 years ago. Last year, I moved into a studio space outside of my home and opened up a cute little storefront which I'm so proud of! I have been teaching this craft online for about three years, and it's one of my very favorite things to do! I have an immense love for color and pattern and coming up with new canes patterns is such a joy for me. In the future, I’d love to expand my love of pattern design into products outside of clay - like fabrics and wallpaper - but clay will always be my true love!


  • Polymer Clay Cane Pattern Compositions for Beginners

    Use polymer clay to create cohesive tubes filled with intricate patterns and colors that you can use to decorate different objects

    A course by Kristin Vaughn, Polymer Clay Artist

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