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Hani Bacova (Haniela's)

Altea, Spain

Hani Bacova (Haniela's)

Hi, my name is Hani Bacova, also known as Haniela's. I'm a blogger, an artist, self-taught cookie decorator, YouTube and content creator. You may have seen my edible cookie designs on hanielas.com and social media.
My journey into the delightful world of cookie artistry began with my passion for baking and edible gifts and an irresistible desire to share with others. I fell in love with the art of cookie decorating in 2008. After years of honing my piping skills, with the help of the internet, I began to teach people worldwide how to make creatively decorated cookies from scratch.
I'm passionate about 3D cookie decorating and gingerbread houses. My primary decorating medium is royal icing. I'm fond of details, textures, swirls, marbled patterns, flower piping, and line work. And, to achieve the level of detail, I often incorporate sprinkles, wafer paper, isomalt, edible images, and fondant decorations in my work.

I'm also passionate about content creation and I've worked with brands like Wilton, Starbucks, Oreo, Walmart, SugarVeil, ACMoore, to name a few.

After living in the United States for 20 years, I've recently moved to a small coastal town in Spain where I live with my husband and my vast collection of cookie cutters.

I welcome you to join me on this delicious adventure, where every cookie is a canvas, and every bite is a flavorful story.
xo, Hani


  • Birthday Cookie Design

    Master cookie design. Explore materials, sketching, and royal icing techniques to create stunning themed-cookies.

    A course by Hani Bacova (Haniela's), Baker and Cookie Decorator



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