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Detroit, United States

Gerard + Belevender

We are Michelle Gerard and Jenna Belevender, commercial photographers based in Detroit but working with clients worldwide. The majority of our work focuses on food and beverage products, and the scenes we create are often inspired by pop culture, movies, history, or nostalgia. We've built small scenes of every kind - from vintage diners and motels, a summer camp cafeteria that looked straight out of a Babysitter's Club book, a Twilight Zone style fallout shelter, to a recreation of your 90s childhood bedroom. We love creating scenes that you want to live in, or immediately transport you to a time and place in your childhood.


  • Still Life Photography: Create Conceptual Images

    Learn to tell visual stories by exploring color, camera angles, set design, props, and lighting to create carefully-composed images from scratch.

    A course by Gerard + Belevender, Art Direction and Photography Duo



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