Frances Odera Matthews
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Frances Odera Matthews

Certified Notion Consultant

York, United Kingdom

Frances Odera Matthews

One of the world's few Certified Notion Consultants and seasoned design-thinker across in many industries.

I unlock Notion's potential as a product-creator/productivity tool by designing custom sexy workflows & dashboards that help everyday people + extraordinary companies crush their goals.

Ultimately, I creating engaging digital UX/UI experiences that redefine what Notion should look like, feel like and be.


  • Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects

    Learn how to combine Notion’s powerful no-code toolbox with design thinking to build pages with function, style, and heart

    A course by Frances Odera Matthews, Certified Notion Consultant



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  • Frances Odera Matthews – @fro_dera
  • Certified Notion Consultant
  • Open to job opportunities, freelance or contract

Joined November 2021