Copywriting Tutorial: Tips to Make Your Elevator Pitch Successful

Learn what to do (and what not to do) to pitch using creative techniques, with Andreia Ribeiro

Imagine you’re deep in conversation with a potential client and you need to convince them you’re exactly who they need. You have to tell your story in a few minutes, explain what makes you different and why they need to hire you. That’s a pitch. Or in more fashionable terms, an elevator pitch.

The elevator pitch is a format in which you define an idea or creative project in a few words using basic concepts. It’s a major challenge, but it’s not impossible. And actually, it’s something you can practice.

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Andreia is Vice President of Portugal’s Clube de Criativos and has sat on the jury at numerous creativity festivals.

Andreia Ribeiro (@andreia_v_ribeiro), is a copywriter and creative director. She specializes in words and has worked on projects for major clients including Mercedes-Benz and McDonald’s. Andreia started out as a copywriter in 2005. Her career has taken her to some of Portugal’s biggest advertising agencies and led her to her current post at BBDO.

Andreia has won numerous advertising awards, both in Portugal and abroad. She is Vice President of Portugal’s Clube de Criativos and has been a jury member at numerous creativity festivals all over the world. She’s also an outstanding comedy writer and children’s author.

Andreia has prepared this tutorial full of valuable, practical tips to help you understand what you should and shouldn’t do in an elevator pitch.

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Do: Make clear what you do

When someone interacts with you and your brand, whether via email, your website, social networks or in person, you need to make what you do and why you do it very clear. Clarity and transparency are fundamental values.

Don’t: Blurt out your CV

In an elevator pitch, never simply repeat all the experience on your CV. It’s an obsolete and boring resource because it doesn’t hold your audience’s attention. It’s best to come up with a story that includes your goals and missions.

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The elevator pitch defines your idea or project in a few words.

Do: Be true to yourself

Always be yourself, and remain faithful to your brand and career. Don’t be tempted to lie just to impress someone. It’s not a sustainable strategy and can tarnish your work or reputation.

Don’t: Bother people

Nobody will listen unless you say something interesting and relevant. So work on your story and don’t bother people with unnecessary information. Time is gold.

Copywriting Tutorial: Tips to Make Your Elevator Pitch Successful 8
Create a narrative that includes your objectives and missions.

Do: Use creativity

Use a creative focus and think of different ways to convey your message. Remember you need to sell yourself in a unique and attractive way. Don’t hesitate to give your creativity free rein to achieve this!

Love this tutorial? If you want to learn how to create your own slogan and elevator pitch using creative advertising techniques, don’t miss Andreia’s online course: Copywriting to Convey Your Personal Brand.

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