Emily Barr

I've been a professional writer for more than 20 years, and have had 19 novels published in more than 30 countries. I started out writing psychological thrillers, and they are still my favourite books to read and to write. Currently I write for adults and young adults over a variety of genres. I write psychological thrillers and YA fiction in the UK under my own name, and sci-fi/ horror in the US under the name Evie Green. Essentially, I absolutely love the writing process and am never happier than when I'm either writing or talking about writing.
After writing so many novels I love sharing the things I've learned from my years in the business. I'm interested in plotting, character, setting and dialogue, but most of all in helping people to put aside their fears and write their novels. I have taught writing courses over many years in many settings, ranging from junior schools to shipyards to a high security prison.


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