Ella Nitters
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Ella Nitters

Medical & Scientific Illustrator

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Ella Nitters

I am a Rotterdam-based medical & scientific illustrator with a fascination for the beauty and intricacy of anatomy. I love the highly detailed organic structures that can be found in the body (both human and non-human).

During my path to become a medical illustrator I went through an extensive education from Industrial Design Engineering through creative illustration to finally obtaining a second Masters' degree in Scientific Illustration in Maastricht, the Netherlands. I've always loved detailed, realistic drawing and I am happy to have found such an interesting field of work that merges art and science.

In 2018 I won a World Illustration Award for my depiction of the microsurgery of a rat. The technique I used for this piece was a combination of graphite pencil and digital coloring, which has become one of my favourite techniques to work with.

I work for a range of clients on projects in the field of surgical procedures, medical innovation, scientific articles and patient information.


  • Intro to Anatomy Drawing with Graphite Pencil

    Learn to depict the intricate details of human and animal anatomy using graphite pencils, from sketching and linework to texture, contrast, and volume

    A course by Ella Nitters, Medical and Scientific Illustrator



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