Elizabeth Olwen
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Elizabeth Olwen

Lisbon, Portugal

Elizabeth Olwen

I am a Canadian print-and-pattern designer and colour enthusiast living in Lisbon, Portugal. I create highly considered patterns and illustrations infused with heart and soul, with the intention of spreading beauty, of amplifying joy. My well-crafted and meaningfully-made artwork is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step I take, while being gentle on this beautiful planet that nurtures and inspires me so much. I have a very deep and passionate relationship with color, and my unique and playful palettes are signature to my work.

I’ve been building my art brand for over 10 years through collaborations with companies I admire from all around the globe, on feel-good, intentional products and campaigns for a broad range of clients, from advertising to packaging, fabric to bedding, swimwear to jewellery, and so much more. But one of my greatest passions is designing print and pattern for home decor, for products like wallpaper, rugs, pillows, home textiles and wall art. I’ve always felt and understood the importance of surrounding ourselves with beauty in our everyday lives, and after buying my first home, this feeling has only amplified. I’ve come to understand the true unique power that print pattern and color have on our wellbeing, and how important creativity and a sense of play are for the soul. I’m excited to share these passions with you.


  • Pattern design for homeware products

    Enhance your home decor with a range of playful and inspired patterns and illustrations.

    A course by Elizabeth Olwen, Print-and-pattern designer


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