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I am a toy designer with a passion to other crafts e.g. crochet, knitting, embroidery and clothes making. I design soft toys and love dressing them up in cool clothes, make unique embroidery and crochet or knitted accessorises for them. I come from a family of artisans so I spent my childhood helping my grandma spinning yarn, or watching my aunt making punch needle rugs. My mum always knitted for us warm jumpers and mittens. Even furniture in both families was always handmade.
My first education was so called "soft toys making" course I took when I was at school. Then I had a Master degree in Pedagogics teaching modern languages and since that I have been teaching languages and making toys. Two of my main passions.
|I love soft toys: old, antique, new , modern, vintage, any. After many years of teaching children and adults I realised that toys play a very significant role in our life.
Now I want anyone can make a soft toy for themselves or for their beloved ones. Therefore I concentrated on creating soft toys patterns which are easy to sew and even a first time maker can achieve the best result. I think, this will help many people not only make unique soft toys but help our planet as well by avoiding mass production and non-sustainably manufactured items.


  • Designing and Making Your Own Soft Toy

    Learn how to design and make your own soft toy from scratch by creating a pattern, cutting then stitching it, and adding the final touches

    A course by EFI Little things, Toy Maker


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