Defne Güntürkün
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Defne Güntürkün

İstanbul, Turkey

Defne Güntürkün

Defne Güntürkün is a textile and fashion designer, an embroidery artist from Istanbul, Turkey. She received her bachelor’s and master of arts degrees at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul. She studied at the Accademia Dİ Belle Arti Di Bologna in Bologna, Italy as a part of her MA degree. Her master thesis with the title “Handling fashion case under color trends” was completed in 2010.
She has been designing fabric patterns as a part of her professional activities for over 15 years and she has been a self-taught embroidery artist since 2011. Her long term experience in fabric designing, dealing with color combinations, working on nature inspired illustrations is reflected in her embroideries.
She has an art studio in downtown Istanbul, Karaköy, where she spends a big part of her days doing what she loves the most.


  • Embroidery Techniques for Floral Patterns on Felt

    Explore embroidery techniques along with composition and color study to create unique floral patterns for felt patches

    A course by Defne Güntürkün, Textile Designer

    83% Disc. Original price $39.99USD
  • Embroidery portraits on fabric

    Create embroidered portraits on felt and make unique and personalized works of art.

    A course by Defne Güntürkün, Textile designer and artist

    83% Disc. Original price $39.99USD


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