Fanny Zedenius
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Fanny Zedenius

Stockholm, Sweden

Fanny Zedenius

My name is Fanny and I am a passionate, self taught fiber artist and fiber supplier from Sweden, known as Createaholic on Instagram which is also the name of my company. Since 2014 when I first discovered macramé my life has revolved around ropes, knots and all things fiber. Createaholic has been my full time job since 2017 and I have written two bestselling books about macramé. Together they have been translated into 12 languages and sold over 200.000 copies worldwide. In recent years, I have sought to challenge myself to learn more techniques and have therefore focused a lot on the art of weaving. This in turn opened up the world of macraweaving - the combination of macramé and weaving - and since then a lot of my work has revolved around this intriguing technique. With Domestika I hope to inspire more people to discover this wonderful artform!


  • Intro to Macraweaving: Make a Wall Hanging

    Combine macramé and weaving by exploring knots and techniques to create beautiful, handmade home decor

    A course by Fanny Zedenius, Fiber Artist

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