Christian Koivumaa
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Christian Koivumaa

Katrineholm, Sweden

Christian Koivumaa

Due to injuries I was forced to quit my karate career with nine Swedish Championships in my belt. Feeling lost, I turned to watercolor painting to help focus my energy and grit into something positive. Over the past 12 years I have developed unique techniques in atmospheric loose paintings with sharp contrasts. My artwork has caught the attention of leading galleries in Sweden and is now hanging on the same walls as Swedish masters. I am now considered to be a top selling watercolor artist in Sweden. I enjoy sharing my work with others and have a relatively large following on social media, which continues to grow. In addition to my watercolor talents I am also a trained educator, which helps me communicate my techniques and style with students. Landscapes are among my favorite motives to paint but I even enjoy painting familiar landmarks from my various travels around the world. I enjoy using lighting and depth to create certain moods in my paintings. Interest is produced through leaving certain elements up to the spectators own fantasy.


  • Atmospheric Landscapes in Watercolor

    Learn watercolor techniques that explore pigments, washes, and textures to capture the atmosphere of natural landscapes

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  • Watercolor Landscapes: Experimental Tools and Techniques

    Explore a variety of watercolor techniques using different tools and create unique works of art inspired by the world around you

    A course by Christian Koivumaa, Watercolor Artist

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