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Catalina Plé

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Seattle, United States

Catalina Plé

Hi! I’m Catalina. I'm an information designer who translates complex ideas into meaningful and understandable visual forms that include –but are not limited to: infographics, illustrated maps, charts, and graphs.
I hold an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Art History, both areas in which I have explored, practiced, and researched how ideas are represented from technical and artistic standpoints. I've taught several university courses in design theory and visual narratives.
During the last 15 years, I’ve worked at the intersection of illustration, design, and visual information. My work can be found online (Dropbox, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Stamen, Wire) and in print media (RBA, Editorial Planeta).
I live and work in Seattle, WA crafting infographics at GoodRx.


  • Visual Storytelling Through Infographics

    Unleash your creativity with visual storytelling and tell your stories through infographics.

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