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Earning your customer's attention is everything. Nothing can be achieved without it. Only once you've captured it can you ask someone to share, download, subscribe, or buy.

San Francisco, United States


Hi! We're Charlene Tassinari and Carly Potock, the co-founders of Canvas+Co. Our company builds video marketing strategies that put the brain science of human attention at the core of the approach, so that our client's creative can create pause, be unskippable, and stop-the-scroll.

We met in 2015 when we founded YouTube's first digital video brand strategy team for small-to-medium businesses. Our insights-driven methodology was delivered to 500+ brands globally through client workshops and industry events, including Google’s annual CMO Academy, hosted in partnership with Columbia Business School.

After working closely with marketers around the world, we saw a common challenge emerge for brands large and small in achieving success on YouTube. They needed access to nimble, affordable and high-quality video creative in order to truly unlock the power of digital video. With this new problem to solve, we pivoted the team in 2018 to building first-of-kind video production solutions for Google’s customers. We developed creative tools like Video Builder in partnership with the YouTube Product team and formed industry relationships to launch Google's first video production partnership program called the YouTube Creative Directory.

In 2020, we founded Canvas+Co to help more brands succeed in a video-first world. Our clients learn to master the art and science of building effective cross-platform video marketing strategies that earn consumer attention, translate seamlessly across formats, and drive performance.



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