Calder Moore
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Calder Moore

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Burnaby, Canada

Calder Moore

I'm a 3D/2D artist From BC, Canada! Ive worked in the animation industry for 8 years and games for 2 years and now have transitioned to a fulltime freelance career. During those first ~10 years, I've also freelanced for big clients like Google, Wizards of the Coast, Royal Canadian mint, and a long line of small indie studios! My freelance work mostly focuses on creating illustrations for clients such as Art for Magic the Gathering card art, Designs for collectable coins printed onto real gold/silver! I also had the pleasure of creating art for 3 board games now, even including the soon to be released DnD boardgame!

I like to focus on making epic Sci Fi and Fantasy landscapes using different styles and workflows. I tend to float between a few quite different styles! My main stay lately has been using Arnold renderer creating bright vibrant scenes, which I cover in the course. I also like to use Octane Render to create realistic scenes focusing on nature landscapes, which tend to be much darker and moodier. And lastly, I love to paint using photoshop! mimicking that oil painterly look with different brushes and textures.


  • 3D Toon-Style Environment Art with Arnold

    Learn to design, model, and render highly detailed sci-fi environments with a stylized look using Arnold, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D

    A course by Calder Moore, 3D Artist

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