Briony Machin

My name is Briony Machin and I am a mosaic artist based in Lancashire, UK. I have always loved surface pattern and in the past I have worked in ceramics, illustration and printmaking but more recently I started to implement my surface patterns into mosaic. I have never had any sort of formal training for mosaic, instead I have taught myself through experimentation and practice which has led me to create a range of totally unique, modern mosaics which I hope will bring a little bit of joy to peoples homes or gardens.
I also love how therapeutic this craft is, hence why I decided to run workshops and create DIY mosaic kits for people to enjoy mosaicing from the comfort of their own home. I want my workshops and online courses to be as much about the mindful process of mosaicing, as it is the finished piece.
When I am not in my studio, I love to be outside in nature. Either up a mountain, on a beach or exploring botanical gardens in a different city.


  • Modern Mosaic Art: Make Floral Compositions with Tiles

    Learn the meditative process of mosaic-making and give broken pieces of stone, glass, or ceramics new life by transforming them into inspiring patterns

    A course by Briony Machin, Designer and Mosaic Artist

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