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Bina y Pepo

We are two Costume designer who develop our work and career in Spain and all over.
The first time we met was in the production ¨El Camino de los Ingleses¨ a feature movie from director Antonio Banderas in which Bina was the Costume Designer and Pepo was assisting her with the crowds, since then we have work together in numerous films and tv series. Bina was the Costume designer and Pepo has assisted her in different jobs in the costume department, from designing the breakdown of the projects to assisting her with the crowd.
We have develop an intense friendship and we have grow with each of the projects that we have work together!!
During all those years we have lived all kind of adventures, we have worked in great and amazing locations around the world and we have overcome a huge number of production issues and a large number of work challenges!
Even nowadays we are developing our careers in a separate paths we keep the spirit and love for our job as before and we help and support each other whenever is necessary!
We make a good team and we have put together all our knowledge to create this course and share with you a bit of all those years of hard work and great fun!

Having started her career in the German cinema of the mid eighties, the Madrid scene and its creative explosion attracted her to Spain, and she has stayed there ever since.

She landed her first job as a costume designer in Spain on JUANMA BAJO ULLOA’S “AIRBAG” (1997), a huge box office hit, that broke the commercial moulds of its day. She later worked with PEDRO ALMODOVAR ON “ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER” (1999), and “VOLVER”(2006).
For these both films – along with her costume design for JOAQUIN ORISTRELL’S “INCONSCIENTES” (2004), and FERNANDO LEON DE ARANOA’S “PRINCESAS” (2005)- she has received 4 Goya nominations.

Having enjoyed an enormously fruitful and satisfactory career in Spanish cinema participating in major projects, in recent years she has moved her focus towards an more International career.

Her latest works are the recent Disney life action movie “Mulan” (2020), by Niki Caro and TV show Mrs. America, FX Studio, starring Cate Blanchet, Sarah Paulson, Rose Byrne, Uzo Aduba among others.
For Mrs.America she was nominated for an Emmy in outstanding period costume design.

Meanwhile she has also participated in hugely successful TV series – EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS (2013), and NARCOS (2015)- also collaborating with the German video artist JULIAN ROSEFELDT on his latest work, MANIFESTO, with the actress CATE BLANCHETT, a major success in the art World .

Costume Designer for TV shows and Cinema. From my last works I would I would highlight the tv series Velvet Coleccion, for Movistar +, and La Templanza, and epic historical series for Amazon Prime Video. Also a contemporary TV Movie for netflix that was called A pesar de Todo. Actually working on a preparation for a tv show for the BBC.
I started studying Fashion Design in Madrid, and after feeling that fashion was not my only world I studied Fine Arts in Granada and finish my studies in The Netherlands in contemporary and Textile Sculpture. For several years I worked as professional artist exposing in differents galleries and Museums in Spain and abroad.
From more than 20 years now I have been working in differents positions in the Costume Department of featured films, shorts, TV shows and visual art pieces. Growing wich each of them in a personal and profesional way.
I've also teach in courses and seminars for costume desing and break-down techniques, teaching has allways been a passion for me.
We have create this course specially for all of you that is passionated about films, costumes and visual arts and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. We hope you find here a first aproach to this great, endless world and a first step on your future career in the Costumes.
Enjoy it and we hope to hear from you!


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